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Santucci Process
Development, Inc.

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Medical devices and components


Our growing service to the medical and research fields, together with our extensive experience in design and development, has become a very successful combination. Our 23 years of utilizing various plastics and metals of all types, and our ability to create highly customized specialty products, have given us invaluable knowledge when interacting with medical equipment designers.

Acrylic Sleeves
Extensive knowledge and experience in machining plastics and a thorough understanding of their characteristics is needed to machine these acrylic sleeves.

Acrylic Sleeves
Medical assembly for pump.

Medical Assembly
This Acetal/Delrin assembly is a combination of lathe and milling work utilized together.

Magnetic Speed Monitor
Aluminum was used as the non-magnetic component for this magnet holder for a speed monitor flag.
Magnetic Speed Monitor
Medical mold assembly.

Acetal/Delrin Mold
These Acetal/Delrin components assemble together to create a modular mold used in a centrifuge unit.

Reservoir Gage Block
This clear polycarbonate reservoir gage block, has clarity requirements after machining and sanitary cleaning requirements before shipping.
Medical gage block




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